To Download and Print Drum Dictionaries

English - Sgaw Karen / Sgaw Karen - English Dictionaries In Printable PDF Format

Drum has a Sgaw Karen- English Dictionary and an English - Sgaw Karen Dictionary available on line. We ask those who wish to download and print our dictionaries to make a small donation of a minimum of $5 USD, for each copy they print. Donations can be made by credit card using pay pal from the "How to help" page of our web site with all donations going towards supporting our work. Once a donation is made, please inform us via email and Drum will supply you with a link to where a printable copy of our dictionary can be downloaded providing they are not to be sold for a profit.

Other publications are available from our website which can be downloaded and printed free of charge provided they are not sold for profit. We would ask if you do print copies of our materials that you simply inform us how many copies were printed and how they will be used.

Hard copies of Drum Dictionaries as well as many other Drum publications are now available to purchase on-line with the proceeds from their sale going towards supporting Karen community projects. Visit the Drum On-line Bookstore here:

Your support will be greatly appreciated but if you are unable to afford a donation, please contact us.